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In it's inaugural year, the Digital Grocery Summit Spain 2025 will bring together the leading Retailers and FMCG brands to understand the key actions to optimize your brand's eCommerce strategies and increase your online sales. 
The value of the online Spain Grocery market is set to reach USD 7.22bn in 2024 and is expected to grow at a revenue growth of 14.6% in 2025.
So, don't miss the opportunity to learn from and network with the key retailers, brands and industry experts and get your share of the industry's fastest growing sector! Get insights into emerging strategies, the latest innovative technologies, and best practices to move your business to the next level.
If you'd like to learn more about the 2025 Digital Grocery Summit please contact

Previous My Digital Shelf Speakers Include:

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Here's a video of one of our Previous Summit to give you an idea of what's in store for our upcoming summit Barcelona in 2025!



  • Retailers: VP eCommerce, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Directors, Head of Online, Online Director, Online Insight, Strategy and Development Directors, Category Managers, Merchandising Managers 

  • Consumer brands:  eCommerce and Digital Directors, Online Insight, Strategy and Development Directors, Marketing Directors, Account Managers, Sales Directors, Brand and Product Managers

  • Consumer data analysts: Commercial Directors, Client Managers, Product Managers, Sales and Marketing Directors 

  • Consultants: eCommerce and Digital Directors, Insight, Strategy and Development Directors, Sales and Marketing Directors



  1   A 'how to' guide for online retail - you will get real case studies and insights into online brand positioning with transparency that you won't find at any other conference. You'll hear from some of the biggest retailers in the UK such as Asda and Waitrose and some of the largest global FMCG brands such as Coca-Cola 

 2   A new interactive approach to conferences  join the panel discussions, roundtable debates and peer reviews on online products for a more engaging conference experience to get clarity on the most important issues facing digital brands in 2024 and beyond

 A targeted group of FMCG eCommerce leaders  The majority of our attendees are retailers and FMCG brands which means you'll have plenty of opportunity to build relationship with peers, not just consultants, who are experienced in the digital space. Companies like Mondelez, Kellogg's, General Mills, Diageo, Bacardi, Reckitt Benckiser and many more. 



"Really impactful, both for the content and its application as well as the networking with folks across industries"

"Overall very useful in learning the tools needed to succeed in e-commerce and truly lead your brand"

"I loved the short presentation format and content. One of the better summits I have ever attended in my life"

"Lots of great information, incredibly in-depth, and a growing meeting place"

"Loved it! From the content, to the attendees - really learned quite a bit and enjoyed my time"

"Great conference. Excellent speakers with highly relevant content. Great day"

"Excellent real world insights we can start working

on immediately"

"Exceeded expectations and it was a good forum to engage some of our 3rd party contacts and meet eCommerce retail partners" 

"It was a great summit to gain insight across the landscape into what retailers and brands are focusing on a like as well meeting with potential partners"

"Overall, great presenters and insights. Loved the short and to the point presentations by everyone which kept the content really interesting and varied. The format worked well"

"Great mix of topics, the short presentations and question format was excellent and kept audience engagement high. Good list of attendees and networking opportunities"

"I greatly enjoyed attending the Summit this year. It wasn't overwhleming like some large trade shows

& allowed me to connect with speakers as well as fellow attendees"

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Get in touch with the Event Director for more details or to get involved: 


Sarah Kingham
Events Director

My Digital Shelf


t: +44 (0)7721945661


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